Daily Archives: September 1st, 2006

Holly Throsby

Holly’s mum is Margaret Throsby! From Classic FM! How funny!

And I still have 1% doubt about the connection between Xavier and Kevin Rudd….

Foos andĀ Eagles

I’m watching Eagles of Death Metal on JTV, which is always a wonderful thing, and just saw Dave Grohl, which makes me sad – they’re coming to Aus for an acoustic set – how cool!! But they’re only going to Sydney – how bad!!

I wonder if the chick in the vid clip really is in the band? She carries a drum at one point… that would be very cool.


Can you tell that I’m watching JTV?

I’ve been wondering who the chick is they’ve got singing on “Put your money where your mouth is,” or whatever their new song is – I wondered if it was the girl from… ack, cant remember the band… sang “Buy me a pony”… anyway, turns out it’s not a chick – it’s Nick Chester himself! Guess they did some post-production thing to his voice.

OK Go, on Treadmills

I have finally seen this video! They really are just on treadmills, but it’s so very clever! And the fact that it was all done in one take (with lots of practice, obviously), just makes it even more clever. Plus it’s a great song.


I am _really_ getting into Audioslave at the moment – I think they’ve got a new album out at the moment, so they’re getting played a bit more. I had never actually realised that it’s the dude from Sound Garden (note: I ahve always thought that Sound Garden and Savage Garden should have swapped names, cos there ain’t nothing savage about Savage Garden…).