Daily Archives: September 6th, 2006

Nice weather for ducks

That was today… it barely stopped raining all day. Which I know is a good thing. During the day, though, when I was going between rooms? Thank goodness for the new rooves on the walkways, is all I can say. Pity about all the free dirt around the place… now dirt no longer.


House is one of the weirder anti-heroes out there. Truly – a sociopathic doctor, addicted to pain killers, who likes bossing people around and being truly, brutally honest.

I like it.


Bit of a morbid title there, I realise… the reaction of people to Steve Irwin’s death has been a bit over the top, I think. Particularly twinned with Colin Thiele’s death on the same day, and the distinct lack of matching grief or accolades from the public or politicians. Beattie’s “oh, we could have a national park or award named after him…” thing is great, but seriously – millions of books sold, Storm Boy for heaven’s sake, and nothing for Thiele??