Daily Archives: September 9th, 2006


New ones! The 3 year old I babysat tonight noticed, which was very impressive. And her dad thinks I look like Dr Who – David Tennant, that is… not entirely sure whether this is good or bad.

But I do like my new glasses.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Well, I tuned in half way through and I wish I had seen it from the start. Favourite line? “He no eat meat? What you mean, he no eat meat?? … Is OK; I make lamb.” Mahahaha.

It was so clever! And I was impressed that our Aussie Carides (Zoe or Gia… how bad that I can’t remember… I think Gia. Anthony La’Plaglia’s wife, anyhow) was in it. Reckon they must just about have hired the entirety of the Greek-American actors to play their family. And hurrah! that the dude from … that Alaskan show, with the moose (and if there were two, they’d be meese…)… ack, I can’t remember. Too late at night. Anyway, he was in it.