Daily Archives: September 19th, 2006

New reviews

I’ve read Deucalion and The View from Ararat recently, both by Brian Caswell. I’ve read the first before, but not the second. I do love Caswell, but I’m actually reading these with a purpose – to review them for ASif! Which I have done.

I’ve also read and reviewed the stories currently up at New Ceres. New Ceres is a fascinating idea: it’s a world created by a couple of people, and other people are able to write stories about the place. A lot of time and effort has gone in to this already – the planetary system is completely worked out, the basic history is there… it’s very impressive. And the most interesting thing, I think, is that the culture is resolutely eighteenth-century. This, of course, allows for interesting things like coffee houses, highwaymen, and High Culture. Anyway, people can write both fiction and pseudo non-fiction: this first issue includes a travel piece, originally written for The Martian Eye, and a column on decorum and politness. The point of all of this, though, is that I am very much looking forward to reading more articles about the world… who knows, maybe I will even write something sometime. The idea that I could write non-fiction about a fictional place actually stirs my creativity a bit, which nothing has in a while.

20 to 1

So yes, we’re a bit sad, but we are watching “20 to 1” on the teev. An what I wonder, and what I’ve always wondered, is exactly who gets to decide what order these things appear in? Who decides that the story of scuba drivers getting left behind is lower in the rankings than the story of Bigfoot? Or that the question of Marilyn Monroe’s death is less intriguing than whether ghosts actually exist?