I wonder…

… whether there would be a mysterious van outside my house if I were to post that sometimes I hate Americans? Probably, if I didn’t clarify it (am I being paranoid? Senselessly overstating any possible importance anyone could attach to my words??) So let me clarify: Not all of them; just some of the decisions they’ve made over the years. This, admittedly from Wikipedia:

“August 21, 1998: The United States employs with cruise missiles to destroy a Sudanese pharmaceutical plant (and with it, half of the country’s medicine supply) based on faulty evidence that the plant is involved in chemical weapons manufacture: and tries to kill bin Laden in a cruise missile attack on his camp in Afghanistan, during a meeting of terrorist leaders (Operation Infinite Reach). Only twenty-four people were killed because of outstanding precision, but the leaders had dispersed by the time the missiles struck, and bin Laden was unharmed. The United States blocks a United Nations investigation into the Sudan attack. Sudan was allowed to import pharmaceuticals from the U.S. to replace the destroyed ones.”


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