Pagan's Daughter

That’s a bit of a spoiler – the title I mean – but it is the title of the book.

Finally, Catherine Jinks has released another book in her fabulous Pagan series (a fifth). This one is, I guess, an epilogue or coda, as (here’s another spoiler) Pagan himself isn’t actually in it. But Jinks is obviously a fan of the nature over nurture argument (although, now I think about it, there are similarities in the way both Pagan and his daughter have been brought up…), as Babylonne manages to be quite similar to Pagan without his influence.

School bought the book, and I snaffled it for the holidays. Sorry, whoever else might have wanted it… I could always take it back today, I guess: I read it in 4 hours last night. I love her style – present tense must get so difficult sometimes! No hindsight! But it does make for a wonderfully immediate story.

I will have to find and re-read the first four now.

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