I’m watching some docos this afternoon, which I’ve had on tape for a while now.

First, SBS’ “As it happened: Peasants and Nobles.” It wasn’t bad, although I have to say that it wasn’t as focussed as I would have liked. I was anticipating more discussion on the lives of the two groups, the cross-over and similiarities… and that was there, a bit. But, although I found the discussion of the Swiss v Hapsburgs stuff interesting, I didn’t really think it fit with the topic! I’ll still be able to use maybe half of it, though.

Right now, one on Caesar in Gaul. I quite the idea of the historian and archaeologist playing Vercingetorix (sp??) and Caesar, talking through the tactics and intent of each man – it’s something that could easily have become tacky, but I think they’ve managed to do it in an engaging and even proud way. It’s a really interesting doco, actually; I don’t know enough about his campaign in Gaul to be able to figure out whether it’s white-washed or airbrushed, but it seems to be reasonable.

I also have a doco on Carthage somewhere, but I don’t think I’ll get around to that today, since we’re off to see the opening night of Macbeth tonight, at a fundraiser for Antithesis, Melb Uni’s postgrad group. Should be fun!

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