Double Exposure

Another Brian Caswell story – the most recent, as far as I can tell. And the darkest one yet: teen pregnancy, abusive parents, violent boyfriends, prostitution…. Again written from multiple first-person perspectives, some third-persons, and the occasional switch from past to present tense. The main characters are Cain, an average eighteen-year-old; his twin Chris, who has artistic talent coming out of his ears; TJ, a teen mother who’s escaped from an abusive boyfriend with her son, Tyson; and Abby, a sixteen-year-old prostitute who has run away from her sexually abusive stepfather.

It’s a very clever storyline; I really enjoyed reading it. J can vouch for that: I was reading it in the car, and he had to prod me to keep reading it because I was going on and on about it and trying to figure out what the resolution would be. I had guessed part of how it would work out, but not the whole lot, which is always a great way to end it I think.

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