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Johnny Cash

ABC 2 is showing Johnny Cash at the Tenessee State Prison at the moment – I was expecting a concert like at the start of Walk the Line, but no, it’s a proper-looking stadium, just with all the audience seated and wearing identical clothes.

I’ve liked Cash for as long as I can remember. Blame my dad. The Highwaymen will always have a special place in my heart. Plus “The Wanderer” – that Cash did with U2 – is up there as one of the coolest songs yet.

Besides, the other option on TV is the Oscars, and having heard the spoilers this afternoon I don’t care. Actually I don’t care at all, since I don’t think I’ve seen any of the movies except The Queen anyway.

Zero, and all that

I’m reading Zero: Biography of a Dangerous Idea at the moment. It’s spinning my head a little bit, and I have to admit that I am skipping the serious maths bits. But it is enjoyable, and it is truly bizarre to think about the consequences of zero and infinity in maths, physics, and… everything else…. I should finish it tonight; I’ll write more about it once my brain recovers.

BSG baby

We bought the pilot of the new BSG a couple of weeks ago. We’re watching it right now. Gosh it’s good. And it’s interesting on a couple of levels, having almost got to the end of season 3 (not quite up to where America is, because our friend hasn’t come through with them yet…). The blokes who put on weight and lost hair; Starbuck looking quite young, although just as cocky and arrogant as I remember enjoying. And spotting the people I now know are Cylons! Eeek.

Ooooh Helo giving up his seat for Baltar… makes me mad.

And hearing the music for the first time, again – like when the raiders arrive – very poignant.

I do like this series, I have a friend who refuses to watch it because she loved the original so much… I think the original is one old series I won’t watch, because I like this one so much.

The U2 lads

ABC2 is showing the making of Joshua Tree at the moment, which I’ve got in the background as I read a Ben Peek story to review for ASif! It’s quite interesting, musically, and I have to say – the lads have all distinctly improved in looks over the years! The long hair was really not a happy time for Bono. And Adam Clayton looks heaps better with the spiky short blonde. Interesting.


Catholics and Anglicans to unify?? You cannot be serious! That just really, really wouldn’t work. I don’t need some dude to mediate between me and God – that’s why Jesus died, for His sake. Besides, I think that 500 years is a very, very long time to be separate and then think you can rejoin….

Pish. That’s what I say: pish. And I’m not even that attached to the Anglican church; it’s just where I am at the moment. How must full-on Anglicans be feeling? A bit weird and a bit queasy, many of them, I would bet… although I guess there are some who like the idea. To which I say: go be a Catholic! It’s allowed in most societies where you’re already a Christian, so why force all the other Anglicans to go with you?

The word ”archaeology”

I’m watching Time Team, and I’m really enjoying it – they’re at Cirencester, which we visited in January, and they’ve found some really cool stuff – the mosaic in particular is brilliant, and I can’t imagine how thrilling it must have been to discover it.

However, they really pain me when they use the word “archaeology” to mean the stuff that they find: “there’s some really interesting archaeology still to be found.” No, there isn’t. There are some interesting ruins and artifacts to be found, and some arduous digging and cleaning to go through as well, The process of finding the stuff is ‘doing archaeology’, along with figuring out how it all works together and what it means.

Bugs me. Grrr.

Happy Bombing of Darwin Day

Yes, today is the anniversary of the first Japanese bombing of Darwin during WWII. A serious amount of damage was done, and a number of ships were sunk, and lots of people were killed. Nasty. No one expected that it would actually happen… and then it did.

So very hot

Melbourne is still about 30C or so, and it’s 10.30pm.

Maybe I’m exaggerating, but the storm that passed through and caused a mini flood in our house* because we had the door open to catch any hint of breeze doesn’t seem to have helped all that much, except in upping the humidity which just makes it feel even more like Darwin.

Apparently it’s meant to be 25C tomorrow. Probably it will hit that at 6.30am and stay there all day.

* Maybe it was just a puddle.

I love my Archaeology

I am so glad I subscribed to Achaeology. The Aussie ones are just so dull, and boring, and often poorly written….

Here’s what’s in the jan/Feb issue:
An article that looks at the problems of even thinking about working in northern Cyrpus (the Turkish bit, which I didn’t realise is only recognised by Turkey), and the consquences on people who have the temerity to go and (possibly) vital resuce work on important ancient sites.
Clay tablets from Qatna, which was destroyed by Hittites, and the city where they were found… there’s correspondence between the Prince of Qatna and Akhenaten in the Amarna files.
An article on Selam, the near-complete skeleton of a c. 3 year old child even older than Lucy, who is 3.2 million years old.
Underwater archaeology in the North Sea, mapping ancient rivers and thinking about where people might have lived when the North Sea and the Englsih Channel were land (very, very cool).
Trying to figure out where Hannibal crossed the Alps – to their credit, it addresses the question of whether this is actually relevant to anything, and has a stab at arguing that yes this is valid research (and certainly, if you want to find out, it makes as much if not more sense to, like, go to the Alps and do some digging than just read Polybius…).
Excavating some fort in Georgia, US.
The legacy of some semi-nutter, Augustus le Plongeon, who thought world culture was thanks to a Mayan queen called Moo.
And, finally, an article on reshaping Waterloo – making it more touristy, but at the expense of any archaeological explortions, which have apparently never been conducted on the site (what the?). I can understand wanting to make money, but at the expense of finding out interesting stuff about the battle it doesn’t seem to make sense.

Anyway, it was a brilliant read.


So RedBubble is finally up and running – has been for a week, to be honest. I do have a section (RandomAlex, of course), but I only signed up because J asked me to check that the site was indeed working, and I signed up while I was doing that… which everyone in the company saw, since it was during work hours and they were all checking it for bugs or something. I was the first non-employee to register, which I’m quite proud of.

Anyway, that’s all beside the point. RB is now live for people to upload pictures to, for sale as prints or framed, and tshirts and other exciting products will be available soon. Very exciting! There is some truly amazing stuff on there already (and a bit of crap, but that’s only to be expected).