I have to admit that I am using Wikipedia at the moment, looking up the role of Russia in WWI and in particular the sequence of events right at the start (we get up to it this week in Revolutions). I feel like, as a historian, I should be using more ‘academic’ sources – but seriosusly, it’s so easy, and I’m guessing that something as major as this won’t have loonies making weird changes without getting caught pretty quickly (besides, I do know the time well enough to pick up loonies – I just don’t remember the dates so well). Anyway, it makes me think once more that maybe I should get involved in editing Wikipedia – and then I remember that I have a life, and lots of interesting things to do, and editing wikis seems like a good way both to go mad and never see the outside world again (those two things might be related). So I don’t think I’ll even start on editing grammar or what have you; it’s a black hole.

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