Daily Archives: May 2nd, 2004

Fish diary…

James managed this afternoon to get all of the entries from RandomAlex #1 into a readable format. However… they all have to be manually entered on to this site. That’s a lot of cutting and pasting. James said I had 110 entries, fish + books + other stuff, which to me soounds ridiculous but I could it could be right. So that’s what I’m doing now… all for the benefit, hopefully, of some beginning fish keepers who will profit from our stupidity/naivety.

New fish…

Feeling slightly guilty about this, but too late now. James and I had an argument this morning and so James decided to take me to Coburg to say sorry (we were already in the car). I was a bit annoyed by this, as I didn’t think we should get new fish, but James insisted and said he wanted to look at tanks anyway. So we went.

They had a tank full of Madagascar rainbows. They were 4 for $10. Yes, we got 8. I think this will basically make our tank full, as they may end up getting to 4-5 inches each. If the tank wasn’t well filtered and heavily planted (well, it will be more so eventually) I would never have considered that many. Originally I only wanted 4… This of course means that I don’t have to name the two lonely rainbows. The chick at the place said, too, that they’re quite hard to breed.

We also got 8 Colombian tetras, because they are beautiful (sort of light blue and pinkish), and were also 4 for $10. We decided to put them straight into the main tank, rather than overloading the qt. We’re going to leave everyone in the qt for another week or so, and so gradually move them over. The tank will look awesome then!

New computer

Well, not quite, but I now have XP which means that for the first time in our new house I am on the internet on my own computer! Yippee! No more arguing about whether kicking James off his for 5 minutes so I can check my email… it’s very nice. It’s also nice to have my bookmarks back, so I can go trawling through my ridiculous range of lit and history e-journals and see whether any of them have managed to put up anything new and/or interesting recently.