Daily Archives: May 3rd, 2004

Great Sermon Illustrations I have known

This is going to be a constantly-updated entry, as I come across humorous sermon illustrations. Most of these, I would bet, will be from Rob Miller (UniChurch minister) or Richard Condie (SJ’s vicar). It was inspired by last night’s, which was…

God // Renovation Rescue: he moves in and remakes what he find (Rob).

Stay tuned for more insights.

Dead neons… and the Colombians

Looking at the qt this morning, we discovered that there were two dead neons. I had noticed on Saturday that there were two or three with very pale colour, and we’re guessing these are those. The others seem to be all right, although none of their colours are particularly brilliant. These guys might stay in the qt a little longer. We also decided we were being hopeful, the other day, counting 10 neons still there: there are certainly only 7 now, so the weird thing with the snail was a dead neon.

Meanwhile, back in the main tank, James dropped in some flake and claims the Colombians acted like piranhas, or like they hadn’t been fed in weeks – went crazy and gobbled up the lot.