Daily Archives: May 10th, 2004

Um… Big Brother?

Not sure that letting James have access to my blog was a good idea.

Anyway: my gosh, I can’t believe I watched Big Brother tonight (I blame James – truly) and I can’t believe that it was so bad. Fascinating as the idea of reality TV is, urgh. It was the first nominations night (so?!), and there were these people both nominating people to leave da House and trying to justify that they don’t dislike the person, it’s just that… blah blah. What a joke.

While on Channel 7, watching Las Vegas, we had to desperately avoid the ads for the third season of 24. Must not watch. Although we have already seen the face of Nina, we expected this anyway. And I just had to change the channel very quickly because it was about to start. However, that’s ok, because it’s now Enough Rope time; I like Denton, and tonight he is interviewing Hugh Jackman. =]

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