Daily Archives: May 9th, 2004

Hmm… more books

Went to Borders before church; browsed their 75% off table. I don’t know whether I was actually meant to get 75% off the sale price marked on the front of the books… but I did.

Who’s Afraid of Beowulf?
Love it. Tom Holt is often funnier than Terry Pratchett. So literary… so wonderful… look out for the Milk Board… at the price, could simply not be passed up.

A Parrot in the Pepper Tree
I’ve been looking around a bit for this, because I have read Driving over Lemons, Chris Stewart’s first, and I really liked it. It’s about an English couple who decide to go and live on a farm in Andalucia (hmmm… trend… travel-ish books… not that I’m unhappy here, of course).

The Botany of Desire
“A plant’s-eye view of the world,” apparently – apples, potatoes, marijuana (is that really “integral to our everyday lives”?) and tulips, and how they have “survived by satisfying one of humankind’s most basic desires.” I’m a little sceptical of this, but interested to read the histories of the four.

Drinking Midnight Wine
Simon Green… again, love it… have read part of one of his series, Deathstalker, but reluctant to continue because someone (Kate) told me it has a tragic end. Eventually I will have to, because it keeps plaguing me. This promises to be dark and magicky too.

Dan Simmons. I’ve read a book set after this one, not realising it was an ‘after the first set’ book, and I loved it – I almost cried when I finished it, knowing I had both books before and after to find and read. Sad but true. He’s excellent. Actually not a sale book, but I suddenly thought of it and had to get it.

Three films in a night

We visited a friend’s place last night: they have mad surround sound and a projector, so we often do this of a weekend, and watch movies till late (well, I watch; James sleeps). Anyway, last night we got wise for the first time, and started watching a movie before 7! Very clever.

Poor Robert de Niro. You’d think he could get better roles. It was funny, but not something I’d watch again. Interesting take on reality TV, since I would have guessed it came out at the start of the boom; although probably it’s been around longer in the US.

Judge Dredd
Stallone is a meathead. It was so Blue Screen… so angular… so Star Wars I was surprised to find out it was made in the mid 90s. Half the guards looked like they’d just walked off as extra storm troopers, and there was even a chase scene taken straight from the Forest Moon of Endor (Ewoks, remember?) and dumped into a bad-futuristic scene.

Men in Black II
Love it. Very funny. Tommy Lee Jones is a star.

Christians and history

This is a short piece I wrote a while ago in response to a friend of mine asking me what the point of studying history was, as Christians (her questions are included; she was asking from the point of view of being pasionate about both).

Frozen Water Trade: a review written a while ago

Of rainbows, filters and carpet algae

James noticed a dead rainbow this morning. Ajax was very unimpressed when I took it away from him; he wanted to suck her dry, or something equally gross. Sigh… I hope this won’t become a trend… no obvious symptoms.

I was looking in the main tank and noticed that the disgusting algae on the plants and gravel was managing to get everywhere and not necessarily be anchored down. So I had this brilliant idea of pulling it up with the net, which I proceeded to carry out. It came away easily, and was quite disgusting; lots of poo everywhere. It also came off the plants easily. The tank consequently looks a whole lot brighter, because instead of dark green the bottom is white-ish.

We also decided to do a water change; I think we probably did 40%, because we hadn’t done one in a while. I did some pruning and aquascaping while the water was down… and James decided to put the other filter on. He figures it’s a waste not using it… and I think he just wanted to fiddle. So he rigged it up, and it blasted water out. He’s now made the holes in the spray bar a bit bigger so that it’s not quite so violent, but I’m still a little unsure of whether the fish are going to appreciate having two sets of water pouring onto them. It does mean the tank is being filtered 10 times an hour… not sure if this is excessive or not.

I moved an Algae Eater over, to start him doing his job. I couldn’t catch the other one and decided to leave it a while, so he doesn’t stress out too much.