Daily Archives: May 13th, 2004

TeachingĀ film

Don’t know whether I’ll actually get to teach this next semester or not, but I hope at some stage to offer an elective – at Year 10 I think – of film studies. The first term I would call “Help!! The world is about to end”, and do things like The Core, Armageddon, Mars Attacks, Terminator 3, and maybe Thirteen Days (James’ suggestion) as a real-life example. On the way home today I had the idea for the second term: “Thieves, Crims, and Downright Scoundrels”: Hudson Hawk, Thomas Crowne Affair (the original I think), The Italian Job (possibly the remake; not sure); maybe Maltese Falcon. It would be so much fun!!


This is such a boring post I couldn’t think of a good name for it.

Moved the second (and last) SAE last night, over to the main tank; hopefully they will make some inroads into the algae situation.

The harlequins have grown a lot, James pointed out this morning… not that I think they will ever rival the Colombians.

Ajax is a fast snail. I just wanted to mention that.

As well, I found the last goby last night, and he was fine; also this morning; however, this afternoon once again I can’t find him. I won’t go tipping the ornament thing up again, just in case he’s hiding for fun or from stress, but it worries me a bit!