Daily Archives: May 31st, 2004

Bush and guns

I thought the man was a fool, but not this much of an idiot: I just heard on the radio that Bush has framed the gun that Saddam was found with, in his little bolt-hole, and hung it on the wall in the Oval Office. My goodness! How tacky and passe, for a start, to have such a modern weapon hanging on your wall.

High Fidelity

I’ve been wanting to see this flick since it was on at the movies; finally got around to it today (love those 5 weeklies for $8.50 deals). John Cusack is such a star… he’s the only reason to watch that awful Nick Cage escapee film, and Grosse Point Blank is just brilliant. And I love it when he’s in films with his sister. This one appealed to me because of the music… I may not have known all the music referred to, but I can associate with the vibe of the thing (or so I’d like to think). Jack Black was great, of course. Anyway, it was well worth seeing and I just should have seen it before this.

Monsters in general

I finally saw Underworld the other night (J didn’t; he fell asleep). It was pretty good: wish I’d seen it on the big screen, because some of the sequences would have been awesome. It was heavily Matrix, I thought… that movie’s influence will be felt a long time. The premise of the story was interesting, too; I liked the couple of twists it had. I also thought the conclusion was quite brilliant. My one complaint was the stupid thing about Corvinus: I guess they had to have some explanation of why the human was important, but it was so convoluted that it was just pointless.

Also finally got J to see Monsters, Inc. This is such a clever film; any animated movie that includes out-takes gets my nod, really. And of course there’s the whole thing about the main monsters being James and Mike….