Daily Archives: May 17th, 2004


I moved all 9 rainbows, in two lots, and the snail tonight. It makes the tank look quite a bit busier, not surprisingly. Hopefully they will get some more colour now that they’re in an even nicer tank and there’s some light on them too. Actually some of them have such a pronounced black stripe that I have mistaken them for SAEs.

And I haven’t seen the bumblebee at all tonight…

I fed them peas tonight. They loved it. A Colombian eating half an entire pea by itself was quite a feat.

VanĀ Helsing

So, so cool. Much better than I had expected. I’m very pleased with myself to discover that I was right in thinking that the same man who played Beni in The Mummy played Igor. David Wenham as Carl, a 19th-century Q-cum-good Igor, was great… and the Aussie playing Draacoola was fantastic. Very Mummy, which I expected; so close to camp, but just escaping it, with some incredibly witty bits in it. And James loved it too! Even wanting to see it again!

Too, I love seeing the ads for upcoming movies. Chronicles of Riddick looks great, I reckon, although I’m a little sceptical of Vin Diesel I must admit. We didn’t see ads for them then, but both Troy (which I’m seeing on Sunday with Mum, can’t wait) and The Day after Tomorrow look awesome.

I love movies.

I Love Auntie

The ABC, that is; not that I don’t love my aunts, of course. The main reason I started bugging J to get a TV (which took all of 10 seconds or so) was when I saw they were having Doctor Who on: the entirety of 40 years’ worth of excellent scifi TV on the ABC, four nights a week. Yippee! I watched the first number of episodes… after a little while, though, I stopped being conscientious (??) about it because they were just a bit too painful. However, I recently started watching again, because it is John Pertwee! Yeh! What a star. One of the few actors who could get away with wearing a full black-tie suit with cloak around a laboratory and while catching villains, and look incredibly dignified. Of course I remember him as Wurzel Gummage, which terrified me as a kid, but still… what a man. And Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart… what a shame he was in his prime in black and white TV.

As well as the good Doctor, of course, the ABC has a pretty good kids’ line up in general; that’s what I’ve mostly been watching. It all started with Astro Boy… except I am a little disappointed with it, because they’re new, not old, and I think they are much tackier than they were originally. At least I hope so.


Thought I had lost the bumblebee: couldn’t see him last night when we got home, and also not this morning with the light off.

Then, when the light came on… he was happily sitting at the front of the tank. Can’t see him again now, but I’m not quite as fussed.

Think I might start ferrying some rainbows across to the main tank. How exciting.