I Love Auntie

The ABC, that is; not that I don’t love my aunts, of course. The main reason I started bugging J to get a TV (which took all of 10 seconds or so) was when I saw they were having Doctor Who on: the entirety of 40 years’ worth of excellent scifi TV on the ABC, four nights a week. Yippee! I watched the first number of episodes… after a little while, though, I stopped being conscientious (??) about it because they were just a bit too painful. However, I recently started watching again, because it is John Pertwee! Yeh! What a star. One of the few actors who could get away with wearing a full black-tie suit with cloak around a laboratory and while catching villains, and look incredibly dignified. Of course I remember him as Wurzel Gummage, which terrified me as a kid, but still… what a man. And Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart… what a shame he was in his prime in black and white TV.

As well as the good Doctor, of course, the ABC has a pretty good kids’ line up in general; that’s what I’ve mostly been watching. It all started with Astro Boy… except I am a little disappointed with it, because they’re new, not old, and I think they are much tackier than they were originally. At least I hope so.

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