Daily Archives: May 29th, 2004

Great article

This article is about a very interesting exhibition in Melbourne at the moment. They should have looked at loo doors at unis as well as in pubs, since students often express philisophical and political musings there, as well as having full-blown arguments

The Day after Tomorrow

Went to see this today. Had read a review that said it was “half a good disaster movie”, which is unfortunately rather accurate: the last half is mostly concerned with the usual improbable father-crosses continent-to-find-son story. I did like it, though. The effects were incredible – cloud formations and water action – and the story was not as bad as it could have been. I hope it also makes at least some people stop and think, about two things: global warming (no idea whether the theories proposed in the film are even wildly valid or not, but the point still holds), and ‘first-world’ attitudes to ‘third-world’ countries.

It is, anyway, one that could possibly go on the ‘help! the world is about to end’ list, particularly because there is nothing humans can do about it in this case.

Tragedy strikes

Dead rainbow. Just discovered floating at the top of the tank. Had been no signs in any of them yesterday, and I hadn’t seen it earlier in the morning either. All the others seems to be carrying on quite happily… sigh.

Ajax is asleep on a piece of wood; looks like that, anyway. And J pointed out to me this spot on his side where you can see what looks like a valve working; possibly breathing?

Just a bit later
I think there are only five rainbows. We moved the light soon after I wrote the above so that we could have a closer look at Ajax sitting on the back wall, and there was a rainbow body, on the glass above the water. It didn’t look like it had been there for very long… I guess we might have smelled it, had it been there a while. So that’s a bit depressing.


My zygo has flowers! Very exciting. Well, they’re very much buds at the moment, but they will be flowers and there are lots of them. A succulent-y thing which I had thought was dying has also got proto-buds happening, so that will be interesting, and a plant I have to give back to Kate tomorrow has buds too (sigh). A lot of the bulbs are doing well – Mum informs me that yes, they should be growing now and flowering in Spring; however, some of her daffs have decided that now is the season for flowering, so I don’t feel that my plants are nearly so daft. I have some autumnal roses happening (they’ll be winter roses by the time the buds open), and the coriander is mostly still alive which is amazing. Sage is not doing so well; seems to be getting a bit et, actually. The resurrected cyclamen has flowers coming on.

It’s all very exciting.