Van Helsing

So, so cool. Much better than I had expected. I’m very pleased with myself to discover that I was right in thinking that the same man who played Beni in The Mummy played Igor. David Wenham as Carl, a 19th-century Q-cum-good Igor, was great… and the Aussie playing Draacoola was fantastic. Very Mummy, which I expected; so close to camp, but just escaping it, with some incredibly witty bits in it. And James loved it too! Even wanting to see it again!

Too, I love seeing the ads for upcoming movies. Chronicles of Riddick looks great, I reckon, although I’m a little sceptical of Vin Diesel I must admit. We didn’t see ads for them then, but both Troy (which I’m seeing on Sunday with Mum, can’t wait) and The Day after Tomorrow look awesome.

I love movies.

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