HTAA Conference Keynote – day 2

Michael Caulfield, “Capturing History”

*In telling a story – any story – you decide what to include, and therefore what to exclude.

*For a doco on the Chinese PLA, they stole videotape from China. Is this legit??

*Was the ?producer/director of Australians at War Film Archive, which interviewed men and women who had participated in all theatres of war in living memory (basically). This archive is not censored by the producers. Some stuff is on embargo, at the request of the interviewee – say until their death, or that of someone else; very few actually did this. Also, current ADF interviewees not available for 15 years. The website has photos of the interviewee at the time of war service and at time of interview, as well as some of their own photos.

My take: I heard this exact same lecture at the national conference the year before. However, seeing the footage hadn’t grown old – it’s still affective, powerful, and really interesting basically. I’d love to use this in the classroom, but I’m not sure I’ll ever have the chance.

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