Daily Archives: March 9th, 2007

Forbes Billionaires’ Club

SBS is showing some stuff from America about the world’s billionaires. The point of the spot is the women who are (finally) on it. One is JK Rowling – a billionaire from just one set of books!* Another is someone at eBay, another Oprah,** and one from China who did something with paper.

Woohoo! That there are women on there now. Boo hiss that it’s only 1% of the whole list who are self-made women. Hello, gender equality….

*Yeh yeh, plus the merchandising – but still just from one set of books.
**Who, despite being painful, must be one helluva smart cookie, and I can’t help but admire her: female black.


… was forgetable.

We went to see it on the spur of the moment today, since we were at Highpoint anyway. We’ve been wanting to see it at least partly because bits of it were virtually shot in our backyard (virtually as in nearly in our backyard, not virtually as in concerning computers. And where ‘nearly’ is a few km away).

Basically, disappointing. I don’t know what Cage has done, but he is looking less craggy and character-ish, and more Tim Allen, which was a bad thing for the character in this film. I thought the effects were ok, although J disagrees about that; the female character was pretty pahetic – partly her acting, largely the script. With which I have several major issues – like lack of character and/or plot development. It would have been heaps better if the devil characters had been more interesting, and there had been more back story: like, why were they going against Mephistopheles? And why were they so damned easy to beat? I think I’ve mentioned this before – I like it when villains actually make sense, when you can appreciate the twistedness of their logic. And the same goes for Meph himself, here: yep, he’s the Devil (well, it seems like he should get the ‘the’, but I’m not convinced it’s justified), but… so what? I need a bit more to go on!

It was redeemed by being about half shot in Melbourne. It is always fun to spot places you know/ have been to in films. The amount shot in the cemetry didn’t seem to justify the weeks that the film crew spent there, blocking off the road….