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BBC History: Feb 2007

Since the March edition arrived today, I thought I should finally finish the Feb edition. Some of the highlights:

An overview of the Basque issue – I’ve been fascinated by Basques since I was at school; I loved Mark thingo’s book about how Basques changed the world.

Two contrasting articles about the Suffragettes – one that essentially argued that they were essentially terrorists, and they didn’t have much popular support; the other saying that view is a load of bollocks. As a chick, I found it troubling to have the women who I thought had gained me my right to vote might be terrorists. One woman’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter… I’m not sure where I stand on this issue now. I definitely don’t hold with violence at any time, and never have, but the question of whether violence was necessary to gain suffrage… we’ll never know, I do certainly approve of exploding (tee hee) too-rosy mythology about historical events, especially ones so recent and still so pertinent.

The article on ‘the ghost that convicted the bishop’ was a bizarre look into the mindset of at some people in the seventeenth century… and a rather dismal look at the state of the church.

One of the big article is about Little Bighorn, and the possibility that one main reason why Custer was defeated was because his deputy Capt Benteen hated his guts. I am a military history baby, and the detailed stuff about directions etc really don’t work for me (the map helped a bit), but the stuff about how the two men interacted was quite interesting.

Another big article was about Klaus Fuchs, who passed nuclear secrets from the Anglo-American research he was involved in onto the USSR. Complements a BBC series, which hopefully the ABC will pick up sometime; very interesting because it mostly looked at his motivations and attitudes.

Two articles about Tudors – 1534, when Henry VIII officially decalred his ’empire’, and the consequences of this for the entire British Isles and Ireland… and a quick look at how Elizabeth I treated Dudley, and how she was regarded because of it, compared with Catherine of Russia and Potemkin, and Anne Stuart and the Churchills.

Much fun!


My Threadless tshirts turned up today! Yay! I got a Communist Party tshirt – which I’ve been hankering after ever since my bro got one; a Funkalicious one, with a spaceman carrying a boombox; and one that says “Books are good for you,” with a dude eating a book on the front.

Very, very excited.

I have emphysema

Nah, not really; but I sounded like it last night. Head cold moved to chest cold, as they do, and of course it flared my asthma. Which is usually only annoying, but I was huffing and puffing like a grampus* all night, and I got maybe a couple of hours of sleep if I’m lucky. Because the inhaler I was sucking on turned out basically to have no drugs in it – I think I was really only getting propellant. Lovely.

*What is a grampus? I have no idea. I believe it’s some sort of marine critter, maybe a whale? – but I don’t know for sure. I’ve just read that phrase somewhere.