Daily Archives: March 18th, 2007

Life Support

I’ve mentioned this show before – SBS’ faux lifestyle show from about 5 years ago. We’re watching the tenth and last episode right now. In ep 9 and 10, it really went downhill. There were a couple of funny-ish sections in them, but overall they’ve been very disappointing. A bit repetitive, a bit gross, and just dumb. Nowhere near as funny as the earlier episodes. It’s not a huge surprise that it didn’t get a second season.

A Perfect Day

Today was great.

Wake up about 8.30am.

Go for a ride down to Docklands and up home through the city and Melbourne Uni – about 17km.

Go to church – I was on kids’ programme, so we talked about the rich young man and being Jesus’ friend.

Have eight friends back for lunch (mmm chicken).

Have two friends stay for most of the afternoon, watching the Grand Prox, Top Gear and the worst episode of Life Support yet, because their car was being used by the other people who came for lunch to move house.

Finish off with pasta and wine and… something on TV….



I cannot believe that they are making another movie of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Of all the daft 90s shows to bring back as a film….

Transformers is completely different. Because they haven’t already had a movie made about them. With Vanilla Ice doing the title song. Or MC Hammer.

Politics n stuff

“In the West there has been a tendency to stress the political aspect of democracy rather than its economic aspect, and although at times this may be carried too far, the fault is on the right side, seeing that a people which surrenders its political rights in return for promises of economic security will soon discover that it has made a bad bargain, as it is helpless if the promises are not kept.”

RN Carew Hunt, The Theory and Practice of Communism, Penguin 1950.

Substitute security in general and it seems like this is a good description of what Bush and Howard would like to do with their draconian laws….