Daily Archives: March 28th, 2007

New music for me!

I don’t know why, but Guardian’s Buzz came to mind this afternoon. A friend at college had it, oh – 9 years ago. Hello, iTunes: they have it! I would have got it from Word, but they were out of stock. And then, thinking about Guardian, I started thinking about the News Boys and Take Me to your Leader: again, a friend (not at college this time, but at Christian Union) had a copy, and I borrowed it, and listened to the title track about a zillion times. iTunes again: this time because it was about half the price of Word. Bit sad, but ultimately – eh. I’m not that attached to the hard copy version.


are no more.

I chucked out all of my cassettes a couple of weeks ago, in a mood of downsize or die. It was a bit sad… but I do own a large chunk of the stuff on CD now anyway, so I guess it’s not a complete loss. And the only place I could possibly still listen to them is the car, and I do actually have a secret stash of them there already. My tape with Boom Crash Opera on one side and Ice House on the other, and a tape of American Christian music my friend Denise, from way back at college, made for me. Listening glory!

Ipods and earphones

So it seems the thing to do these days as a teen is to share your ipod – walk around with someone, each of you having one earphone attached to the one ipod. Seems like a slightly looser version of the 3-legged race to me.

Thing is, though, lots of friends are in trios or more. So what I want to know is, has someone invented earphones with more than just 2 listening bits? Or a double-jack or similar so that more than 1 pair of earphones can go into the one plug? This would seem to be the next innovation that ipods bring about.

Is it wrong to spend a book voucher on music?

Well, it wasn’t specifically a book voucher, but it was for organising a Literature Enhancement programme at school last year, and it was for a mostly-book-store… but it just so happens to be the ABC store as well, and the latest JJJ Hottest 100 (volume 14) just came out. So I got that. I also got a book – it was on special, Jeanette Winterson’s Tanglewreck, which looks fairly interesting.