Daily Archives: March 16th, 2007

Lady Friday

It was good; I enjoyed it. That is, I really just want to find out how Nix is going to resolve the whole issue, so I was bound to enjoy it unless it was dreadful. This wasn’t dreadful. Some of the characters were a bit annoying, and the action seemed to take a while to get going, but it was still fun. Lady Friday wasn’t quite the same opponent as some of the others, though… and the Piper only appeared personally for a couple of pages. Most of the time it was Arthur dealing with lots of issues, which is the same in the others but I seem to remember that there were more personal conflicts in the others. Probably one of the more interesting things were that Dame Primus is being more dreadful, which is a bit of fun – will be interesting to see how that turns out – and Arthur starts to wonder more about Superior Saturday and Lord Sunday.

Now I have to wait for the next one. Again.

The M*A*S*H swap over

Just saw the episode where Trapper goes home and BJ arrives – never have seen this one before. I missed the very start, so I didn’t see Trapper’s reaction to leaving and missing Hawkeye; but I did see Hawkeye’s reaction, and they really did like to make their characters human – it was fitting to see his distress. And BJ’s arrival was pretty much as I expected; he fit right in.

It still amazes me that they killed Henry; that must have been yesterday – wish I’d seen it, as I never have.

I do love M*A*S*H. Such a great show.

Bridge to Terabithia…

looks crap.

No: as a movie, it looks ok, possibly quite good.

As an adaptation of the book, it looks ridiculous. The book doesn’t talk very much at all about what happens in Terabithia – and there is certainly no indication that their imaginations populate it to the degree shown in the trailers for the film. Looks like they are moving it completely out of the family-centred story, which is what the book is all about – her family being different from his and how you live with yours – into the fantastic.

This might make for a good film, but it’s negating everything that makes it such a classic.

Of course, that might just be the trailer… but I doubt it.

Sometimes the world is terrible

“Here’s what else is new and exciting (or terrible) in money: there is real poverty among the soldiers who fight our wars. There are fist fights to get children into $30,000 a year kindergartens and pre-schools in the right neighborhoods in Manhattan. There are 40 million Americans without health care insurance. There are almost 40 million baby boomers with no savings for retirement. There is a long waiting list for Bentleys at the dealership in Beverly Hills.

There are soldiers’ wives selling blood to buy toys for their kids. There is a man selling non-functioning body armor who threw a $10 million Bat Mitzvah for his daughter.”

From The American Spectator.


I just finished my Term 1 reports. I wish all reports were this easy… first and third term, we do tick box reports, basically: choose from a scale of 1 to 5 about students’ organisation, achievement, general conduct etc, as well as ‘specific concerns’ – lateness to class, deadlines not met, and so on. Doesn’t really tell parents much, but ever so much easier to complete. Then you have to figure out whose parents you really want to see at parent/teacher interviews – those you know won’t turn up anyway, and those for whom you have to look like you’re making the effort so that just in case, you can say you did your best…. And of course, I know there will be some parents who want to come and hear good things about their kids, and I’m fine with that – my parents were like that. In fact, I think by the time I finished school, the only reason they went to the interviews was to catch up with my teachers, and not to hear about me at all.

Reporting is probably the thing I hate about teaching. I don’t like having to make such qualitative and quantitative judgements, and actually commit them to paper for scrutiny by parental types. it’s way too much responsibility.