Lady Friday

It was good; I enjoyed it. That is, I really just want to find out how Nix is going to resolve the whole issue, so I was bound to enjoy it unless it was dreadful. This wasn’t dreadful. Some of the characters were a bit annoying, and the action seemed to take a while to get going, but it was still fun. Lady Friday wasn’t quite the same opponent as some of the others, though… and the Piper only appeared personally for a couple of pages. Most of the time it was Arthur dealing with lots of issues, which is the same in the others but I seem to remember that there were more personal conflicts in the others. Probably one of the more interesting things were that Dame Primus is being more dreadful, which is a bit of fun – will be interesting to see how that turns out – and Arthur starts to wonder more about Superior Saturday and Lord Sunday.

Now I have to wait for the next one. Again.

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