Daily Archives: March 3rd, 2007

Witches of Eastwick

I couldn’t get my video (so very retro) of The Mummy to work tonight, so I have been stuck watching The Witches of Eastwick.* It’s pretty bad. The finale is ridiculous. Susan Sarandon is dreadful, although I quite like both Pfeiffer and Cher (she’s probably the best of the lot). Truth be told, the main reason I don’t like the movie is Jack Nicholson. I really, really can’t stand him. At any time. No, that’s not true; he was great as the Joker. But that is absolutely it. Urgh.

*Yes, I know I didn’t have to watch it, but I’m home alone and writing reviews so I wanted something on the screen.

Some of my least favourite words

Kids at school use the word ‘verse’ all the time, as in “Australia is going to verse the world in cricket.” I understand where this come from – it seems to make sense if you can say that the game is Australia versus the world – but of course it’s a reflection that they don’t know how to spell versus, nor do they know what means. It nearly drives me to distraction, particularly because it’s very hard to explain it properly while on the run, as I usually am when I hear it.

In a different context, using the word action as a verb makes me nutty too. I know it’s all very typical business language, but I Don’t Care. You don’t action something, you just do it.


So many books

I’ve read heaps over the last while. Lots for ASif!, but all of those have been ones that I’ve enjoyed too, so it’s not like it’s a hardship!

Days of Allison by Eric Shapiro – robots, as partners that you can programme, basically. A novella, so you don’t really have time to get jack of Louis, your utterly spineless (for most of the book) protagonist. I guessed one of the twists, but not the last.

Monster Blood Tattoo by DW Cornish, which it turns out girlie jones hated; there you go. I really liked it – an interesting take on monsters, where they’re pretty much like the Huns or Goths: barbarians at the gate, to be kept away, but not all of whom might be bad. It’s the start of the series, and I don’t mind that there will be more – I hope they’re as good as this. Rossamund (male; a bit of a Boy Named Sue thing happening, I think) is a fun little hero.

There have been others, but they escape me right now. And I just found out yesterday that Lady Friday has been published!! Hurrah!!!