Daily Archives: March 4th, 2007

Guilty pleasures

I am happy adn secure enough in my indy/metal/rock skin to be able to admit to the odd guilty pleasure.

I don’t mind the odd bit of Christina Aguilera.

I am curently watching Kylie’s Showgirl tour.

I love that it is on ABC! If it was Channel 10, I would so be ditching it because the ads would frustrate thehell out of me.

She really is a showgirl too – I do not get the feather headdress. And I am a bit uncomfortable with the boys running around and dancing in their Speedos, although I guess it does demonstrate a certain amount of equality of the sexes – we can exploit each other in the same ways. Seems to me, though, that chicks who have male dancers tend to do so in a more almost camp way, or tongue in cheek; perhaps this reflects the perception of male dancers being homosexual? At any rate, it is often – although now always – less overtly sexual than female dancers with male performers.

That’s my 2c.

Fun at church

J got out a Bible this morning, in preparation for reading Romans 1 before the sermon… and there was a medium-sized cockroach. Eeek. Then it disappeared; then he opened the Bible, and there it was again, so he squished it in the pages. At least he died in Romans – a righteous death if ever there was one.

I made him open the Bible later and scrape it out, so that some poor Ridley student doesn’t get a shock sometime later. Well, they’ll still get a bit of shock because there was a bit of guts left, but you know….

This a couple of days after chasing a fly in Queenscliff, and Anne finally splatting it, and green stuff going everywhere – it looked like it was fly guts, but it was actually detergent that that was on the fly swat.

Church really was good, though, aside from the cockroach, and then afterwards we had pretty much everyone – maybe 40 or so, including 6 kids and a month-old babe – back here for a BBQ. Great weather for it, which was a blessing, and even better because I didn’t have to provide salads – other people did that. I did have to make a tomato sauce run, though….

Authors and authority

I’ve noticed this before, but it struck me anew this morning.

Authors have authority.

Those with authority are authors in some way, too.

It puts an interesting spin on the whole Barthes of the author is dead thing, I think – an idea I have never subscribed to anyway – and also means an interesting way of thinking about the place of authors and how we think about them and who can/should be ‘an author’.

I have no answers to the questions raised, but I like pondering the issues.

Darwin and its rain

Apparently Darwin is flooded. At least, that’s what the news said – I don’t know what they’re counting as Darwin, whether it’s just Coconut Grove in its tidal zone, or if it’s way out at Bees Creek, or exactly what. Maybe I’ll hear from my brother at some stage. Ha!