I just finished my Term 1 reports. I wish all reports were this easy… first and third term, we do tick box reports, basically: choose from a scale of 1 to 5 about students’ organisation, achievement, general conduct etc, as well as ‘specific concerns’ – lateness to class, deadlines not met, and so on. Doesn’t really tell parents much, but ever so much easier to complete. Then you have to figure out whose parents you really want to see at parent/teacher interviews – those you know won’t turn up anyway, and those for whom you have to look like you’re making the effort so that just in case, you can say you did your best…. And of course, I know there will be some parents who want to come and hear good things about their kids, and I’m fine with that – my parents were like that. In fact, I think by the time I finished school, the only reason they went to the interviews was to catch up with my teachers, and not to hear about me at all.

Reporting is probably the thing I hate about teaching. I don’t like having to make such qualitative and quantitative judgements, and actually commit them to paper for scrutiny by parental types. it’s way too much responsibility.

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  1. Kudos Mrs…, serious respect with the “I don’t like having to make such qualitative and quantitative judgements”… Seriously.

  2. Right – so I’ve been outed then, eh?

    And my comment is true.

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